Elbow Wraps instructions

This type of arm wrap is used to provide support and compression to the elbow joint during weightlifting or other exercises that place stress on the elbows. It can help reduce the risk of injuries and enhance your performance. Always ensure proper fit and comfort while using it.

  1. Position the Arm Wrap: Start by wrapping the arm wrap around your elbow joint.
  2. Secure the Arm Wrap: Adjust the tightness of the wrap to your preference, ensuring that it provides the desired support and compression to your elbow.
  3. Perform Exercises: With the arm wrap in place, you can now perform exercises that require elbow support, such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, or other weightlifting movements that involve the elbow joint.
  4. Complete Your Workout: Finish your exercises, making sure that the arm wrap stays in position and provides the necessary support throughout your workout.
  5. Remove the Arm Wrap: After completing your workout, carefully remove the arm wrap from your elbow.