Years ago, there was an idea. An idea to create something for all of us who wants to push ourselves more.

For us who wants to break the fold and up the weights. For us, who wants to get stronger every day. And so Astungt was created.

Strong-minded and unyielding, our inspiration came naturally through the Vikings. Their raw strength, commitment and their unwillingness to give up, deeply inspired us to build something new, something different. Something more.

A company built on devotion. A company that deeply cares and wants you to succeed in lifting weights and get stronger. A company that creates quality products that helps you every step of the way. Until you can touch that unreachable goal. From supplements, to straps, to our highly regarded lifting belts.

We have pushed ourselves to do the impossible during the years. Now we want you to do exactly that.

Some might call it madness. Tell us we’re out of our mind. That pushing ourselves to the limit is crazy. And heck, they might be right. Maybe we are crazy.

Maybe this is all madness.

But we call that devotion. Sweat and tears. True grit and total dedication. Because there’s no feeling like setting up a goal and charging right through it. Going from only trying, to breaking every mental barrier you ever thought you had. Hearing the sound of the barbell drop to the floor and realize you’ve pushed yourself more than you ever thought was possible. Sure, your muscles ache. Your hands are sore.

You gasp for air.

But then the insight hits you seconds after. I could go even further. And If I could achieve all this through sheer will and perseverance, you could to.

It might be crazy. It might sound like total madness.
But there’s nothing we’d love more to inspire you to unleash your inner strength and reach new levels.