Wrist Wraps instructions

Remember that it's individual how tight you wish the training gear to be wrapped around the wrist. But in powerlifting they are so hard that you can barely move your hands because of a tight wrist.

  1. Unroll the Wrist Wraps: Lay the wraps out flat if needed.
  2. Position the Thumb Loop: Hold the end with the thumb loop in your dominant hand.
  3. Thread the Thumb Loop: Slide your thumb through the loop.
  4. Wrap Around Your Wrist Twice: Wrap the wrist wrap around your wrist twice, ensuring it lies flat and snug.
  5. Secure the Wrap: Fasten the Velcro or closure, making sure it's comfortably tight.
  6. Repeat for the Other Wrist: Follow the same steps for the other wrist.
  7. Test the Fit: Do wrist rotations and movements to ensure comfort and stability.